Csengele I.

In Csengele I. the broiler chicken farm has 12,000 m2. There are 12 barns and each of them has the capacity of raising 18,000 chickens.

Csengele II.

The 12 barns of the farm has the capacity to raise 216,000 chickens and 66,000 ducks. Since July 2015, only broiler chicken are raised here.


23,000 egg layers are kept in production annually. In one cycle the farm is capable of producing an average of 250 egg / layers, that is annually as many as 5,750,000. Eggs are hatched in our own hatchery and the processing of ducklings is integrated into the slaughtering program of Hungerit.

Kiskunfélegyháza – Mócár telep

Here there are 6 barns, each with 768 m2. 16,000 parent ducks and 100,000 Peking ducks are raised here annually.

Kiskunfélegyháza – Központi major

This farm is the smallest with 5 barns and 3715 m2. At present they raise 14,000 parent ducks and 80,000 Peking ducks annually.

Felgyő, Balog tanya

The farm raises broiler chicken for Hungerit. The capacity of the 11 barns in each cycle is 225,0000 which means 1,350,000 chickens annually.

Felgyő, Faragó tanya

The 10 farms- 16,800 m2- are capable of raising 336,000 broiler chickens in each cycle, which is 2,016,000 per year.


The farm is contracted to produce broiler chicken for Hungerit. In each cycle the 12 barns of the farm raise 215,000 or 1,290,000 annually.


On this farm there are 6 old and 1 new barns. These produce 218,000 per cycle and 1,308,000 annually.